Investment Philosophy

We focus on investing in companies that create valuable products and services for society with growth potential. 

Sawakami Mixed Fund aims to invest in businesses that produce goods and services that are in current demand, will continue to be demanded by consumers in the future, and can be expected to grow.

What is Investing in Companies? 


Sawakami doesn't merely view investing as dealing with "securities"; instead, we recognize that a business is an organization comprised of people who contribute to society by creating something valuable. Therefore, Sawakami places great importance on thoroughly analyzing securities or businesses prior to investing and considers it an investment in their potential and growth.

Along the way of investing, one may encounter risks associated with the nature of the business itself, impacting the investment capital of the investor.

However, this is investing as the owner of the business,

which is true investment.


See more on our investment framework

Your Financial Partner


At Sawakami, we aim to be your bridge to companies, investing in businesses poised to thrive in the future and consistently improve their performance, thereby striving to help you achieve financial independence.


Simultaneously, as companies grow, they enrich both society and the lives of our customers.

We are dedicated to nurturing this enduring relationship with our customers





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